Darshan and Anu Patra (Buyer Client)

"Anu and I would like to express our appreciation of your friendly help and professionalism in support of our house hunting needs.  We also always enjoy your friendly disposition and responsive attention. We are sure to pass on your name to any of our friends who might be looking to sell/buy a home here in future."

Gina Maceo Ross (buyer and seller client)

"I would recommend Angela D’Andrea in a heartbeat! Besides being a neighbor and friend for many years, Angela is honest, straightforward and knows real estate! She represented me both on the sale of my house and the purchase of my new one. Angela uses effective techniques to give the greatest visibility to your home such as high quality photography, brochures and internet marketing. Angela goes above and beyond to help you prepare your home to go on the market

On purchasing my new home in the hot Austin market, Angela was available literally on a moment’s notice in many cases to see a home I was interested in. She will always listen to what you are looking for in a home and will never pressure you. I found the perfect home and am grateful Angela was there through the whole process."

Bernd and Bobbi Schmalz (tenant and buyer client)

"Angela is the best real estate agent in Austin that we have worked with thus far. Initially, she assisted us in renting a property. She left such an impression with us that we gave her a call when we were ready to buy a home in Buda. Angela is absolutely detail oriented; She knows the market very well and made some wonderful recommendations. She was always following up with sellers and realtors, and really pushing to stay on our timeline. She really helped a lot in making this a successful home buying process."

Anne Rioux (seller client)

"We absolutely recommend Angela to anyone who is looking. We interviewed 4 different realtors a year ago and she was the only one that had all the high tech stuff with bells and whistles, like the option for people driving by the house to go online and look at the house and she had a way to capture that phone number and call them and say, "I saw you were interested in this house; can I take you over to look at it?" She was also the exact person we saw living in the house; a young professional with young children. She was extremely organized and careful through the whole process. Definitely enjoyed working with her. She even remembered us at Christmas with a card; it was nice to hear from her. I wasn’t expecting her to do that."

Rachel and Mark Breedlove (buyer clients)

"We met Angela 2 years ago at an open house and immediately decided she was the Realtor for us. She was friendly, down to earth and not pushy. She helped us and listened to our needs and was patient with us. She found us a great place in 78746; I hope we never have to move! I have recommended her services several times and everyone has been pleased with her as well."

Walter Ross (seller client and landlord client)

"She’s wonderful. She is just tremendously responsive, knowledgeable and does a great job. I will and have recommended her to anyone who will listen."

Jason Kelley (buyer client)

"I’ve worked with hundreds of realtors over the years and Angela D’Andrea is by far the best. She was the most prepared and had a comprehensive knowledge base of what we were trying to do. We moved to the Lakeway area of Austin and she went above and beyond, contacting properties and putting in a lot of extra effort on our behalf. She brings coffee too!"

Tina and Ruben Velasquez (seller client)

"We first put this house on the market in 2007. Angela was our 4th Realtor. The first Realtor put it on the on the market when the market bottomed out and it didn’t do anything. The second one did mail-outs and I liked her, but it still didn’t do anything. We took it off the market for a while, after that, and then put it back on with someone else who did nothing. Finally, we decided to interview a few people, before deciding on someone. Angela was one of the people we interviewed, and we liked her presentation and the amount of time and energy she put into the interview. All of the ways JBGoodwin used media to get information out to the people about our house was great! She was honest with us, and told us a few things we could “tweak” that would make our house more appealing and updating, and we talked it over and decided what we wanted to do and pay for. When we did those things, it made an amazing difference! Because the house was empty for so long, she would go over there and make sure it was clean. She did the extra things that made it look good to people. She was wonderful! She got there early and was prepared. I was thoroughly impressed. It was our time,and she gave us our times. She was able to sell the house easily!"

Prachi and Sooraj Karnik (relocation buyer client)

"My family and I were relocating from Oregon and we didn’t know anyone. A relocation company initially got us in touch with Angela, and we’re glad they did! She has a really good expertise in this area. She was extremely professional – not only did she go out of her way to find us the perfect home; she found us a day care as well. She went above and beyond – we are extremely satisfied!"

Bethany Connolly (relo buyer client)

"We were working with Quicken Loans and Angela was assigned to our case. She was very thorough and attentive to working the long hours necessary; we had a limited time frame to work under. She was patient as far as seeing the many houses we wanted to see over and over again. When things happened that were out of her control, she tried to handle them in a way that would turn out best for us, the client."

Rita Tsai (buyer client)

"I was looking to buy a home in the Westlake area, and Angela D’Andrea with JB Goodwin was recommended by a friend of mine. She was prompt at returning phone calls and emails, and she respected my view point on certain houses that weren’t for me.  I liked her a lot; she is the best real estate agent I’ve had the pleasure to work with."

Tamra and Craig Rodgers (buyer client and tenant client)

"We decided to work with Angela because she and my husband had work previously together. She was very thorough and reliable. There a lot of good qualities she has – it’s hard to name just a couple. She was very timely in all of her responses. Usually when you’re in real estate and people are making quick decisions, time is of the essence. We relocated from Houston to the Austin area. We were looking for a lake property on Lake Travis. Angela was not as familiar with the specific area that we were looking at, but she took the time to do some research and came up with some wonderful options. Once we zeroed in on a few areas, she researched them further and gathered information to help us decide. Overall, we were very satisfied with the whole experience and would recommend her services to anyone!"

Mark Robson (tenant client)

"Angela was a huge help. Everything was great –she was the agent on a house in Lost Creek. I contacted her because I was interested in renting it. Everything was easy and wonderful through her. I was able to rent the home with no hiccups and I really enjoy where I am now."

Lisa and John Eaker (seller clients)

" We live in Arizona now, and we're very good friends with Angela. We will do business with her when we move back to town, for sure. She is very thorough, very methodical; she does everything she says she is going to do. She's great at analyzing the market, and she makes a lot of different recommendations and offers you a lot of different options."

Beth and Michael Vivio (relo seller clients)

"She was great! She was great at communicating the process, how it was going to work. She was friendly, of course, and very efficient. Our situation was a little different because it was relocation so there was extra paperwork for her to do and she handled it all beautifully. It went very well."

Laurie Parker (seller client)

"We bought the house from Angela 12 years ago when her family lived there and she’s been my neighbor and friend ever since.  She’s so level headed and calm during negotiations. She always has the client’s best interest at heart – you can trust her to know her stuff!"

Matt Alexander (landlord client)

"The location of the office was convenient for us, and she was able to do a residential lease and take care of it quickly. She was knowledgeable and thorough; most of all, she looked out for us constantly to make sure we had the right client in our house. It was definitely appreciated."

Stacy Adair (tenant client)

"Angela emailed me in the beginning and she was very familiar with the area - her office was in the area I was looking to move. She was helpful, and quickly responded via email and phone with questions I had. I liked her a lot."

Laura Hansen (seller client)

"I knew Angela to be a very level headed person that knew my situation, a personal friend, and the Lord told me to choose her to sell my home in Lost Creek. I would say she worked through a very difficult and complex process and really went the whole nine yards to keep things in order and very much worked on my behalf. She didn’t put me in a place of compromise like others might to get a deal done; she looked out for my interest."

Gloria and Wayne Goff (buyer client

"We moved to Austin and used Angela as our Realtor. She was very nice and courteous and she knew what she was doing".

Ralph and Lynn Beasley (seller client)

"Angela sold our house quickly, and at top dollar!  She was professional and exceeded our expectations in every way."                  

Cheryl Bolin (tenant client)

"Angela was referred to me by my boss. I was new to the area and didn't know anyone. I would definitely use Angela again - she was helpful, prompt, and courteous."

Will and Katherine Cook (tenant client)

"We came from out of state, and Angela came highly recommended. She seemed to understand what we were looking for in a home. She was incredible to work with and spent a lot of time with us to  find the right home in our price range. It was an excellent experience to work with her."

James Moseley, Senior Loan Officer, United Lending (business partner)

“Angela provides an amazing service for both buyers and sellers in her real estate business. She is very detail oriented and is always available. She really listens to her client's needs which is not always true for all realtors in the industry. I love working with her on her marketing strategies and campaigns that help sellers get their home sold. ”


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